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 Return and Refund Policy

For all different product types we handle a different kind of refund//return policy

Shipped tangible goods; Any product you receive which is broken, not working and/or is not what you agreed on buying (wrong product) you will always receive a full refund. Please take a time period of 14 days maximum to provide us with details about an error. We can ask you for photographs and more additional information about a matter to solve it the best way we can. After our review we will make appointments about returning the product.

Digital Delivered goods; When you received a digital product (service manual, repair guide, parts manual, operations manual etc.) in PDF/EXE/ZIP etc. and there is something wrong with it we would appreciate it to hear from you within 7 days. Please provide us with in-depth information on how the product has an error, contains falls information and/or is not working correctly. After we review it and find your information grounded we will refund your payment completely and/or offer you a new similar product or store credit of the same amount.

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