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LG WKGX201HBA WKGX201HWA WKGX201HRA Laundry Center Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Q: Why does my washer make loud banging noises while it is filling with water?

A: This is actually a problem with the plumbing in your home. When the water valve in the washer shuts off, it can cause pipes in your home to move, resulting in a loud banging noise. This effect, called water hammer, can be reduced by installing an item called a water hammer arrestor. Add-on arrestors can be purchased through your local hardware or home improvement store.

Q: Why is there so little water in my washer? How can it clean the clothes?

A: HE (High-Efficiency) washers are designed to properly wash your laundry while using a minimum amount of water and energy. Because the water volume is low, the small amount of detergent used is more concentrated in the water, resulting in excellent cleaning performance.

Q: When I press a button, why does my washer beep and then nothing happens?

A: The Control Lock feature is turned on. To turn it off, turn on the washer, then press and hold the button that has Control Lock on or under it for 3 seconds.

Q: Where should I pour the powdered laundry products when doing my laundry?

A: If you are using powdered laundry detergent, load it in the main detergent dispenser after removing the liquid detergent insert. Powdered laundry agents or powdered color safe bleach should be put directly into the drum. These products can be put in the empty drum before loading or on top of the laundry after loading the washer.



Water supply faucets are not fully open.

• Make sure that the water faucets are fully open.

Water inlet hoses are kinked, pinched, or crushed.

• Make sure that the hoses are not kinked, pinched or crushed behind or under the washer. Be careful when moving the washer during cleaning or maintenance.

Water inlet filters are clogged.

• Clean the inlet filters.

Water supply pressure to faucet or house is too low.

• Check another faucet in the house to make sure that household water pressure is adequate and flow is not restricted.

• Disconnect the water inlet hoses from the washer and run a few gallons of water through the hoses to flush out any dirt.

• If flow is too low, contact a plumber to have the water supply lines repaired.

Water supply connected with leak-limiting hoses.

• The use of hoses designed to limit leaks is not recommended. Leak limiting hoses can trip falsely and prevent the washer from filling.



The load is too small.

• Add additional items to allow the washer to balance the load.

Heavy articles are mixed with lighter items.

• Always try to wash articles of somewhat similar weight to allow the washer to evenly

distribute the weight of the load for spinning.

The load is out of balance.

• Manually redistribute the load if articles have become tangled, preventing the automatic

rebalancing from working properly.

dE, dE1, dEz, dE4


The door is not secured.

• Close and secure the door. If the message keeps appearing, unplug the power cord and

call for service.




Drain hose is kinked, pinched, or clogged.

• Make sure that the drain hose is free of clogs or kinks and is not pinched behind or under

the washer.

The end of the drain hose is more than 96 inches (2.4 m) above the bottom of the


• Move the end of the drain hose so that it is lower than 96 inches (2.4 m).




Control error.

• Unplug the washer and wait 60 minutes. Reconnect power and try again.

• If the error code is still displayed, call for service



Water level is too high due to a faulty water valve.

• Close the water faucets, unplug the washer, and call for service.




The water level sensor is not working correctly.

• Close the water faucets, unplug the washer, and call for service.




A motor error has occurred.